Are you back at work? Jesus RICE! is & we’re open!

Yes! We’re back from lockdown and ready to serve up some rice!

Should you find yourself walking along Schützenstrasse, you’ll notice that a little rice lunch shop is humming along today.

In case you need reminding, our restaurant hours are:

weekdays, Monday – Friday … 11.30 – 13.30

Rice to see you again!

Jesus RICE! is OPEN

Nervous, but still hungry? How about take-away?

Text in your order by 9.30 AM, or walk in during business hours.

Be courteous…

Support your local businesses – protect yourself and others

Jesus RICE! cares about the safety and health of our customers. It’s why I am always committed to preparing food fresh daily in a kitchen I personally clean every day. The impact of this global health emergency will affect the survival of many local businesses, in addition to the wellbeing of our family, friends, neighbors and community. This thing is still not done away with so consider the following, when you are in Jesus RICE! please:

  • Come by in parties of four (4) or fewer
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Avoid physical contact, such as shaking hands
  • Cough/Sneeze into a paper tissue or in the crook of your arm
  • Please keep a safe distance from others

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