Yuck! Horrible! Cooking Show Fail…

A few months ago, I received a call to cater an event for a large group of people in Winterthur. My goal: to create the most horrible-tasting experience for them imaginable. My first step was to go through my shelves and refrigerators and dig up all the oldest, worst-tasting ingredients I could get my hands on.


Have you ever noticed how the television cooking shows always have the chef tasting his own food and going, “Mmmm! Delicious!” with a dreamy expression? We thought we’d have a laugh and shoot the opposite. If I hadn’t been so sleep-deprived, I might have found this less funny…

April Fool’s Day!

So, about the Horrible! exclamation in the video…

I was preparing Tabbouleh, made with a lot of fresh parsley and mint, quinoa, tomatoes, fresh lemon, some olive oil and salt. This was but one of five dishes I was preparing for about 40 people, and I had been on a roll, but getting a little silly. These parties have a lot of moving parts.

Because I’m committed to freshness, and quality ingredients, most of the preparation gets pushed to the last day or two before the event. It’s like being back in college getting ready for a big exam. There can be sleepless nights with a few 20-minute power naps leading up to the moment when people start arriving. And there can be bouts of delirious silliness.

Hope you had a laugh with us.

Have you seen my cookbook?

I have a little cookbook out and ready for download. It’s called 5 Easy Chef Luna Recipes. You can access it by clicking here, or on the image furthr below.

In it, I share the following five easy recipes:Cover Image of 5 Easy Chef Luna Recipes

  • A delicious Cabbage Saladrecipe, one of my most popular dishes back in the United States
  • Asian-style Green Beans, which is a healthy alternative to the french fry
  • Gambas al ajillo, one of my favorite easy-as-hell, show-stopping dishes
  • A dependable Tomato Sauce recipe, which serves as an important flavor basis for any dish, including spaghetti, of course. (This tomato sauce is THE secret ingredient to the Bacon Lovers’ Erlebnis speck-tacularness!)
  • Banana Brot, an easy recipe that delivers again and again

One of the things I love about this little booklet is that each recipe has a hyperlink that sends you directly to a YouTube video. So, you have all the ingredients and a brief description on one page, but you can see the recipe in action! Just click on the link in the image below!

5 Easy Chef Luna Recipes

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