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Jesus RICE! Menu as of 1 Mar 2019

The menu at Jesus RICE! as of March 2019

The menus photographed above are largely what you can expect to get for lunch at Jesus RICE! One exception: no pumpkin. The vegan menu is still available, but pumpkin is not part of the dish. As I work with what nature supplies, I’ll let customers know on a day-to-day basis.

As usual, all dishes are served with white rice and white beans.

And, yes, those are my prices… ENJOY!

Seeing is believing! (A little bit of Jesus RICE food porn)

There are a few updates to the Jesus RICE! business in the pipeline. (Hint: stay tuned to learn about our dinner times. Also, if you ever dreamed of takeaway, come back to this website to learn more!) To prepare for those updates, we got fancy with photography. Now, you can see the menu!

Food menu items in photos!

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