New Bacon Lovers’ menu item tastes like my favorite pizza!

A few weeks ago, Jesus RICE! added the Bacon Lovers’ Erlebnis to the menu. Even though I haven’t gotten around to adding it to my menu boards, it has made it to my paper order slips — and it looks like customers love it! I certainly do.

It’s perfect for this time of year. Good, bacon tastiness, supported by a smooth tomato sauce and a hint of caramelized onions.

I was wondering why I loved this dish so much, and then it hit me! It tastes like my favorite pizza, Lo Speck — only, instead of dough, it’s served with rice (my alltime favorite starch!).

The Best Pizza in Winterthur?

My customers often ask me where I go to out to eat. Honestly, there are only a handful of places I go to. Pizzeria Cardinal is one of them. Whenever I go there I order Lo Speck. I probably love it so much because it tastes like my bacon lovers’ menu item at Jesus RICE!

Check out my video (under five minutes) to see why I think the best pizza in Winterthur is at Pizzeria Cardinal!

(This blog post is my honest opinion. I have not received any compensation or payment to make the video or write this blog post.)  

If you find yourself in Winterthur, and you’re looking for a great place to have pizza and an Italian dinner, you won’t regret coming to his family-owned business. It’s well worth your evening in this small town.

Have you seen my cookbook?

I have a little cookbook out and ready for download. It’s called 5 Easy Chef Luna Recipes. You can access it by clicking here, or on the image further below.

In it, I share the following five easy recipes:5 Easy Recipes Cover Image

  • A delicious Cabbage Salad recipe, one of my most popular dishes back in the United States
  • Asian-style Green Beans, which is a healthy alternative to the french fry
  • Gambas al ajillo, one of my favorite easy-as-hell, show-stopping dishes
  • A dependable Tomato Sauce recipe, which serves as an important flavor basis for any dish, including spaghetti, of course. (This tomato sauce is THE secret ingredient to the Bacon Lovers’ Erlebnis speck-tacularness!)
  • Banana Brot, an easy recipe that delivers again and again

One of the things I love about this little booklet is that each recipe has a hyperlink that sends you directly to a YouTube video. So, you have all the ingredients and a brief description on one page, but you can see the recipe in action! Just click on the link in the image below!

Chef Luna to download 5 easy chef luna recipes book

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