Welcome to Jesus RICE!

It has been a great couple of weeks so far. New customers have come by to check out the lunchtime grab-n-go, and some known customers have swung by to say hi. Thank you for your support!

Not only have these first two weeks been about opening the doors, seeing who will stop by, and sales — but they have also been about aligning the operations. Some main areas of focus have been:

1) Establishing a menu and ensuring consistency in execution — and, more importantly, FLAVOR. My goal is that your dish is tasty and delicious every time!

2) Ensuring little to NO food waste every day. Believe it or not, this is a consideration that happens at the front end of the operational planning. I am hatching up some marketing ideas to make sure I never end a day with surplus.

3) Keeping the pricing crazy low. People ask me all the time whether I can make a living at these prices. Sure, I can — as long as I have the support from buying customers. 🙂 At the same time, I don’t cook because I have to, or because it’s my job — this is what I love doing. I love handling the challenges of food waste and maximizing flavor, delivering the most lunch at the lowest price that I can.

I get excited every day when I walk to the little restaurant at Schützenstrasse 10, Winterthur. I am loving the signs, the new decor, and it makes me happy to start a day not knowing who will walk through my door next!

Looking forward to meet you!

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